The Mojo Campaign Management Suite.

The Mojo Campaign Management Suite offers a complete solution for managing campaigns, activating consumers and protecting your brand.

Manage campaigns. Activate consumers. Protect your brand.

The Mojo Campaign Management Suite covers tag and barcode creation, campaign management, real-time decisioning, marketing analytics, data integration, content delivery and consumer engagement. The suite includes several products including Mojo TagsMojo Beacons, Mojo Insights and Mojo Tag App.

All the features you want, none of the clutter.

We've developed an account dashboard that cuts to what matters most to you in a fresh and remarkably clear manner. In just minutes and a few clicks, you can create, manage and track campaigns. Share with multiple team members across an organization, each with unique access and reporting capability

Creating tags are simple.

You can create your own tag in 3 easy steps using our simple generator. First, choose what type of tag you would like to create. Second, enter in the necessary information. Third, your tag is automatically created, saved, and ready for use!

Vector tag artwork. Your custom tags can be downloaded and saved in vector, png, or jpeg formats. Deliver a perfectly sharp experience to your audience, whether it be through web, print, or any other media. Shortened URLs. All tags created are linked to a unique, short web address. This makes tags more attractive as well as more easily readable by smartphones. Mobile content. We understand that a tag is only as valuable as the content to which it links. Our generator enables you to easily create beautiful and effective mobile content (no coding or design necessary).

More things should be this straight-forward.

There's no need to deal with purchasing software, dedicated hardware or appliances – Mojo Tags does all the heavy lifting by providing a secure, fast and cloud-based service capable of delivering and reporting on large numbers of campaigns.

A dual platform for consumer activation and brand protection.

The Mojo Campaign Management Suite is the only platform of its kind globally that has the backend integration capability to successfully manage content for hundreds of thousands of products while offering brand protection and consumer activation.

Handles large campaigns and the Big Data analytics that comes along with it.

The Mojo Campaign Management Suite with it's carrier grade back-end and "Big Data" analytics can handle tracking and reporting for millions of simultaneous consumer engagements and track and trace transaction. Track the success of your tags and campaigns with real-time analytics by engagement count, time period, geographic location, and more. Dive into the data to gain powerful insight and actionable business intelligence based on your audience.

Professional services.
  • Premium support
  • Custom onboarding
  • Design & development of Mobile Web Sites and Apps
  • Review of campaign destinations to determine mobile-friendliness
  • Strategic planning services
  • Project management
  • Pre-flight check of campaign materials
  • Best practices guidance
  • Access to specialized analytics expertise
  • Custom reports
  • Training

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Solutions for managing campaigns, activating consumers and protecting your brand.

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Solutions for managing campaigns, activating consumers and protecting your brand.

SALES +1-631-360-3400

Copyright 2021 Mojo Tags.  All marks are the property of their respective owners.