Application Development

Software Design

Delivering high quality products goes a long way toward reducing future costs, and research shows that it is better to prevent faults during development than detect and rectify them later on. We establish tools and methodologies to manage configurations, releases, feature priorities, and track defects, and then apply and customize them for each software product.

InVision Software's products and applications establish the foundation of our technology and solution offerings. Our component-based development approach substantially reduces the software development cycle and helps our customers save significantly in terms of budget, time, and effort.

We develop innovative solutions that enable mobile access to the Internet and Intranet from an assortment of devices that includes PCs, mobile phones, and personal digital assistants (PDAs). InVision Software delivers the mobile and wireless application infrastructure and application development tools that you need for fast and cost-effective mobile enterprise application development and deployment. Instead of relying on limited browser-based or proprietary platform technologies, developers can now implement powerful distributed enterprise applications with true interoperability that take advantage of diverse mobile, desktop, and server-class platforms. Our wide range of products is built for embedded platforms including Windows Mobile® as well as iPhone and Android operating systems.

OEM Design

Realize your vision with InVision. Embedded technology from InVision Software is the differentiator for many of today's leading OEMs. When designing your OEM system or device, choosing InVision Software to assist with high-performance laser or imager scan engines, advanced wireless technology, and adaptable mobile devices can greatly improve your success rate. InVision Software will help to create superior applications with the utmost in reliability and performance. Whether you're developing a WWAN device, RFID device, or an identity authentication and verification system, InVision Software's Embedded Technology Team makes the difference for any industry or application-specific solution.

With InVision Software, you immediately gain access to proven technology that empowers the development of more creative, value-driven applications to transform processes and drive productivity. A dedicated team of InVision associates is on hand to provide pre- and post-sale service and support so that your system gets to market fast. InVision Software's Embedded Technology Team is up to the challenge of todays demanding enterprise mobility applications, substantiated by the many devices and applications currently in use in retail, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, and other industries. Choosing InVision Software as your embedded technology partner gives you the competitive edge.

InVision Software delivers:

· Immediate access to advanced technology from a global leader
· Proven bar code scanning, mobile device, and wireless solutions
· Seamless integration with major system components
· Easy migration to innovative technologies such as support for the latest bar code symbologies or wireless LAN security protocols
· Versatile and flexible solutions for a variety of markets and industries

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InVision Software has over 20 years of experience in asset management, logistics, and mobile — developing software for public companies and the major barcode scanner manufacturers. This includes embedded scan engines, mobile computing devices, and services integration. Get in touch with us and let's start a conversation.

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