iDockIt - Universal Cradle Utility

iDockIt™ manages the activities that can occur when you connect your mobile device to a PC using a cradle (Ethernet, modem, serial, USB) or USB or serial cable. iDockIt can enable the terminal to connect automatically to a PC, network, or the Internet and then exchange information or launch an application. iDockIt lets you establish settings for each type of connection. Mobile professionals now have the tool they need to stay connected.

Connection-specific options let you define what iDockIt™ should do when you cradle or connect your terminal, including:

· Launch Exchange ActiveSync® to synchronize with a PC
· Establish a connection to your network
· Launch an application after establishing a network connection.
· Establish a connection via a specified modem

iDockIt™ enables businesses to leverage the benefits of mobile computers:
· Flexible connectivity
· Server-side administration on the enterprise backbone
· Remote upgrades
· Reduced cost of business
· Fully integrated help system


Originally designed for Windows Pocket PC developers to decode magnetic stripe and/or PDF bar code ID cards, including credit/debit cards, AAMVA California DMV-format magnetic stripe licenses, AAMVA-format PDF bar code licenses, ID cards and PDF bar code military ID cards. iCheckIt can be used with virtually any handheld device or PC with a magnetic stripe reader and/or 2D bar code reader. Today iCheckIt™ supports all 50 states in the US and can read all AAMVA formatted drivers licenses, military IDs as well as most providences in Canada. iCheckIt can be configured to parse the data any way you choose and can be found on most optical scanners manufactured by Motorola/Zebra technologies and Honeywell scanners. We also support iPhone and Android platforms at your request.

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